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Owner Financing

What is Owner Financing?

The seller has the option of financing the purchase of his/her home with the equity in their property. They may finance part or the entire mortgage for you.

What are the Benefits of Owner Financing?

  • No bank qualifying.
  • Less than perfect credit is ok
  • Gives you time to restore your credit
  • Approximately 20% or more is best for down payment (Less than 20% on a case by case basis)
  • Great alternative for those who don’t meet today’s strict mortgage qualification guidelines
  • Affordable because of custom terms that work for you
  • No long waiting times for approvals
  • Terms are more fair and reasonable
  • No loan processing or guarantee fees
  • No invasive lender controls or audits
  • Ability to add substantial value by renovating and remodeling
  • No long approval process or complicated underwriting from mortgage companies
  • Low escrow fees or closing costs
  • You can negotiate flexible terms
  • All of the down payment cash is credit toward the purchase
  • No escrow account.  Taxes and insurance are paid monthly as you go
  • Easy approval
  • Won’t interfere with your ability to purchase other properties because of too many mortgages.

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